Hydraulic Tank Jacking System

Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question

Can the powerpack be placed outside the tank?  

The powerpack can be put inside or outside the tank. If the powerpack is placed outside the tank, the main hydraulic hose line is brought inside the tank through the gap provided through spacer beams or through the manhole.
What is maximum safe wind speed at which a tank can be lifted using jacks?  

While the safe wind speed large depends on parameters like weight, height of tank, diameter, number of jacks in use, the number of jacks is determined so, as to make lifting safe at 23.5 m/s (strong gale wind), in general.
What is the life period of the jacks?  

The jacks are of sturdy design and construction. If periodic maintenance is done as per our recommendation and the equipment is not subject to corrosive environment, the expected life of the equipment can be considered upto 10 years.
Is it possible for the tank to fall down during lifting or when held by the jacks?  

Each jack has two pairs of case hardened grip jaws fabricated using top grade of steel. At any point of time, either one of the pairs is engaged or locked. While lifting both the pairs are in “locked” position. In this position, the jack can move only upwards. Therefore, the tank cannot fall down when held by the jacks.